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IFN Film grab

IFN’s Jason Bunyan interviews producer Will Kreth about the backstory behind the story of GET IT ALL OUT.

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The good folks at publicity firm Rock Paper Scissors have just launched our new EPK on their website.

RPS Splash page with Stick Against Stone photo


Album is scheduled for release on 22 January, 2013!

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The Transmedia Resurrection of Stick Against Stone by Max Willens

This summer, the surviving members of Stick Against Stone will join forces with some local musicians to play some gigs for the first time in close to 30 years.

In addition to these shows, a documentary about the band’s history and its deceased frontman John Creighton, Get It All Out, is currently in production, with an eye towards a 2012 release. And on top of that, Creighton’s writings and poetry have been compiled into an interactive eBook which will see release later this year.

All this activity would be impressive for any indie band. But how – and why – has all this activity come together for an obscure no-wave/post-punk/free jazz band from the early ‘80s?……..(continued)

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Building the Ideal Transmedia Music Doc Team – A Top 5 List by Will Kreth

Where do you go to find the right team of collaborators for something that’s never exactly been done before? Who’s your Dream Team for the Unseen? What are their roles and responsibilities? ……..(continued)

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Our latest trailer for the documentary Get It All Out

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After we watched a free concert by Afrobeat progenitor / drummer Tony Allen that afternoon, and a nice shared sushi meal later – Richard struck up a conversation with a guy on the train about music, and the topic invariably wound up on The Clash – and his having been at their legendary Bonds Casino performances in NYC in either May or June of 1981.

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Friends and band members describe their impressions on the sound and presence of the group Stick Against Stone.

In order of appearance in the clip: Brook Duer, John B. Maxson, Robert Wagner, Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl, John Gallone, Bob Wenzel, Sari Jozokos Morninghawk

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Violet Creighton

Violet Creighton

I first made contact with John’s eldest sister Susan on her birthday in January, explaining the nature of our documentary and how I wanted to interview her.  After a near miss in late February, we finally connected this past weekend.  John and Susan’s mom Violet (pictured above) turns 91 next week, and is more alert and together than some folks a third her age.

Violet & Susan were happy to see us as we arrived, and we had a few quality hours with them that afternoon.  This was the house the John spent most of his childhood in – and we toured the rooms, looked at their photos and watched home movies of John, Susan and Mary Lou.

Mary Lou (or Lou, as John called her) was also a musician, and sang in a band in high school. Sadly, Mary Lou passed away from cancer a few years back, and her husband (whom she met in that band) the year after.

After a couple hours, Susan had to leave for work – but we stayed on for dinner with Violet – making a run to the local restaurant and bring back some fish sandwiches.   We sat at the kitchen table – eating and talking until it was time to go.  It was a very good day.

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