studio pecussion instruments arrayed and displayed like candy
“…Stick Against Stone is horns and percussion and horns and percussion and percussion and horns and more percussion…” - Bob Wenzel – 1982

Hey all – it’s been awhile since our July SAS Orchestra shows, and in an effort to capture all those months of rehearsing and the energy behind the performances, we’ve been recording an album of Stick Against Stone songs with the SASO team. It. Is. Sounding. Amazing. Really. We’re knocked-out by how rich the sound is, and while we’ve got a ways to go, we’re excited to think about a release in the early part of 2012. We’re working on 12 to 13 songs for the record.

We’re also editing the film portion of the doc, and are working on the eBook planning process – too. Much to do, many to co-ordinate with – but all good markers of progress.

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