Last year (2011) saw the re-birth and re-hydration of the music of Stick Against Stone.  Songs not heard live in nearly 30 years were performed for the first time by the SAS Orchestra – a 13 piece ensemble that played 2 shows in NYC (@ Sullivan Hall and Von King Park).   After months of rehearsals stretching back to a cold January 2011 day in the Lower East Side of NYC (with 2 feet of snow on the ground!) – to the June and July debut of the band – we showed that the songbook of this group would not be forgotten.

Filmed for the documentary, these concert clips will be appearing online during the year – but 2011 also saw the start of a new artifact. We went into the recording studio on July 31st and have been working little-by-little, on weekends and around busy schedules – to record a NEW SAS Orchestra album for release this year.   We’re happy to say it’s sounding great and will be done and available this spring fall (hey, these things take time!)

Expect to see some new mixes from that album – also called “Get It All Out” – soon.

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