SAS Orchestra designThe Stick Against Stone (SAS) Orchestra will be performing songs not heard in almost 30 years from the rediscovered songbook of Stick Against Stone, as part of a free outdoor concert on Saturday, July 9th at 2pm at the Herbert Von King Park Recreation Center (670 Lafayette Avenue) in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.


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The SAS Orchestra
THIS Wednesday, June 8th at 10:30pm

Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan Street (btwn. Bleecker & 3rd)
New York, NY  10012

Come show your support at our first official show! The SAS Orchestra is a 12+ member, rather large band – performing selections from the songbook of the group Stick Against Stone – with songs not heard live in nearly 30 years. We’ll be filming this for the documentary.

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The Transmedia Resurrection of Stick Against Stone by Max Willens

This summer, the surviving members of Stick Against Stone will join forces with some local musicians to play some gigs for the first time in close to 30 years.

In addition to these shows, a documentary about the band’s history and its deceased frontman John Creighton, Get It All Out, is currently in production, with an eye towards a 2012 release. And on top of that, Creighton’s writings and poetry have been compiled into an interactive eBook which will see release later this year.

All this activity would be impressive for any indie band. But how – and why – has all this activity come together for an obscure no-wave/post-punk/free jazz band from the early ‘80s?……..(continued)

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Building the Ideal Transmedia Music Doc Team – A Top 5 List by Will Kreth

Where do you go to find the right team of collaborators for something that’s never exactly been done before? Who’s your Dream Team for the Unseen? What are their roles and responsibilities? ……..(continued)

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Help us bring back songs that have not been heard in nearly 30 years, with our fundraising campaign for the Stick Against Stone Orchestra, with live performances this summer in NYC!

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Our latest trailer for the documentary Get It All Out

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DIY Days NYC 2011Looking back on yesterday’s DIY Days event , it’s hard to say what was the most valuable insight or inspiring takeaway from the sessions. Get a couple hundred media / film-making / storytelling “makers” (I think of my buddy @Frauenfelder of MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire) and cross-media nerds in a room for a day and good ideas are going to flow.

There is something beautiful about media makers wanting to take more control of the process, development and distribution of their own work. But as each formerly mysterious and uncontrollable/rarefied element or tool becomes democratized, storytellers have fewer entities to blame or point fingers at for their inability to (a) Tell a good story, and (b) Get shit done.

I’m looking in the mirror here, too. We are a month late on our own deadline to produce a new trailer for “Get It All Out” – and it is becoming an issue. That said, the DIY ethos – the old punk-rock sensibility of “fuckit – this is going to get done, NOW” is a powerful stimulus – and one that can probably only add more integrity to the final product. Thank you, DIY Days – my move.

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