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“Elephants” (full title: “Elephants stampeding out of a rainforest into a sea of grass, before your very eyes”) is a song written by the group Stick Against Stone in 1981. I first heard it, -really heard it- in about 2005, on a cassette copy of a live show (probably 3rd or 4th generation) from November 1981. An artifact that represented an echo of an echo of a brief window in time.

As the arresting melody, harmonizing horn arrangements and syncopated rhythms sank in my ears and heart – I knew that I wanted to hear this song performed live. What you see here, from a recording studio in New York in the summer of 2009 – is a small step in an iterative process to re-animate one of many great tunes from a nearly forgotten songbook. Our hope is to release these re-recorded songs as a tribute album and companion to the “Get It All Out” documentary.

Recorded at Axis Sound – Hell’s Kitchen, New York City Engineer – Steve Rossiter
Bob Wenzel - baritone and alto Sax (Bob was one of the members of the first version of Stick Against Stone, and has been playing horn since the ’60s)
Tony Mason – drums
Ben Rubin – bass
Michael Blake – tenor and soprano sax
Yusuke Yamamoto – percussion

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